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Stop Chasing Leads.

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We help your business achieve massive growth by combining the awesome power of video with laser-targeted online commercial ad campaigns.


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Why Use Digital Campaigns + Video?

Video tells your story like nothing else can. Being in the top search results means a consistent daily commitment over time. Combining your story in video with targeted online commercial campaigns is the winning combination to dominate your market.

Word-of-mouth isn’t a marketing strategy

Eighty-one percent of homeowners said they research online before hiring a home-improvement contractor. You can increase conversion rates up to 80% when you put videos on your web pages.

Gain the edge over your competition

Targeted online commercial campaigns with video allow you to go where your competition isn’t going – like super-targeting a niche geographical area or targeting lower volume but more focused keywords.

Spend more time on money-making activities

We do all the grunt work. You’ll know where your money is going down to the penny and you’ll know the exact results your campaign is generating for your niche market.

Why BuzzFlix Media?

We know the home improvement industry and we’ve had a lot of success at it. For over 12 years we’ve been serving our clients by producing video that motivates people to take action. So you can spend more time on your business and waste less time chasing leads.

Why is knowing your ideal client so important?

It allows you to focus your marketing efforts only on people who are most likely to buy from you now. These are the ones who will gain the most from your services and in turn will provide significant value to your company. This is your Ideal Customer Profile or your ICP.

Time for action

Once your ICP is crystal clear it’s time to laser target them to the exclusion of all others. Your message should remain consistently rock-solid throughout their entire experience – from your initial search ad to your landing page right through to your killer video content.

It’s what we do for you.

We find the relevant key words. We write the ad copy. We produce the video content that converts them to a customer. The combination is powerful and it gets results.

Can we help you?

We don’t know. And a diagnosis without knowing anything about you would be malpractice.

We suggest you book a one-on-one discovery session so we can find out if what we have to offer is what you need.